Smoke Alarm Installation & Maintenance

TropicAir Electrical supplies, fits and services all smoke alarms. Priding ourselves on being on time, every time, we will have your house or business compliant with the new QLD legislation in no time!

QLD Compliance Supply & Install

Why A Smoke Alarm?

Queensland recently became the safest state in Australia in relation to fire safety. Smoke alarms are used to pick up smoke or flames from a fire inside your house. When we sleep, our sensors also rest. Smoke alarms have saved countless lives around the world.

What type of smoke alarm should I use?

Photoelectric alarms are suited to homes and were recently legislated in Queensland. They’re quick at detecting smoke from burning materials. They must be connected to mains-power or have a 10 year battery. Ionisation alarms pick up particles like steam, which often results in nuisance alarms from cooking or showering. Dual sensor alarms use a hybrid of photoelectric and ionisation. Give us a call today to discuss which type will suit your home or office!

Make Sure You’re Compliant

Is my house compliant with the new laws?

We’re happy to test your smoke alarms and assure your family will be safe in the event of a fire. TropicAir Electrical often travels throughout Townsville to upgrade smoke alarms. We assure your smoke alarms are functioning to the best of their ability.

Can I test my own smoke alarms?

You certainly can! TropicAir Electrical recommends doing this regularly. Depending on the type of smoke alarm you have installed, the method to test them can vary. Some have test buttons, others are battery powered and monitor their own battery level. Repetitive beeps will give you a heads up the batteries need changing. Don’t risk smoke alarms that aren’t working correctly. Get a professional to test and replace them!

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