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TropicAir Electrical supply, install and service all the best branded split system air conditioning units. Our neat and tidy workmanship combined with punctual service, gives you peace of mind, knowing its done right the first time.

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Why split-system air conditioning?

Regularly serviced split systems, are an affordable, energy efficient heating and cooling solution. A split system AC is composed of two parts, an internal wall mounted unit and an outdoor unit that houses the compressor and heat exchanger. It provides ice cold air conditioning in summer and warm heating in winter months.

Split system installation & cleaning

Split systems should be cleaned regularly to minimise respiratory disease symptoms and assure power efficiency continues. The cleaning process involves removing the filter, applying the cleaning agent and rinsing it off. The filter captures particles that enter your home and it’s recommended to always have an accredited professional like TropicAir Electrical, clean your split system units

Got A Question?

What’s an inverter split system?

An inverter split system air conditioner is slightly more expensive than a standard split system. They regulate the power entering the compressor, resulting in more precise climate control and less noise. They are smoother, more efficient units.

Split system installation cost?

Split systems range in price, depending on the type and size. TropicAir Electrical, supplies many brands, pricing starts at $400 per unit. Installation starts at $450. Things like noise and vibrations are key considerations when deciding on where to place a split system unit. Grab a quick quote by filling out the form below or simply give Justin a call today!

How much does it cost to run a split system air con?

According to hhaircon the average 3.5kw split system will cost around $1.59 per day to run for about 8 hours. This will be less for inverter systems and small rooms. If you would like to know more about the split systems TropicAir Electrical supply and install, give us a call for an obligation free quote. What are you waiting for!?

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