A Guide to Lighting 2019

Installation of new lighting can be daunting because there are so many words flying about, so it’s hard to know what’s what. There are also many options to consider when installing lighting, so I’m going to explain to you the different types of lighting and help you come to a decision that is best for you.

General Household Lightbulbs

There are two types of lightbulbs that are widely available; LED and incandescent.

By looking at the price tags of LED and incandescent bulbs, it may look like incandescent bulbs are cheaper, however, when considering the lifetime of the bulbs, incandescent bulbs actually turn out 6 times more expensive than LED bulbs. (this was calculated by comparing this LED bulb and this incandescent bulb from Bunnings) 

The LED’s also last 10 times longer and is more environmentally friendly (also calculated from the same bulbs).

I’d recommend getting LED bulbs.


Sign Lighting

You may have seen decorative sign lighting on Flinders St, or elsewhere around Townsville. They fall into two categories: LED and Neon.

This is a Neon sign:

This is an LED sign:

Signs like these can really elevate your living room, but which to choose? 

LED’s are more energy-efficient, but neon signs are considered better looking because of the soft glow it gives off. All in all, it comes down to personal preference.

These signs can be bought and plugged into the wall, but it can look messy, and it is a good idea to have an electrician help you install one of these signs.

Save time, ask an expert…

Feature Lighting

Feature lighting is when you use light to make parts of your home look nicer. It is done by strategically installing lights and light strips into particular areas to highlight parts of your home, or create an atmosphere. It can be done on your own, but it would be best to have a professional with experience to install it.

Swimming Pool Lighting


If you’re looking to replace in your swimming pool, the two options are incandescent bulbs and LED bulbs. As discussed above, you should choose LED bulbs. Unless you are 100% sure on how to change the lights, you should call your local electrician because it can be dangerous.

Security Lighting

The purpose of this type of lighting is to deter unwanted guests from your house. These lights turn on when there is motion in a set area, such as the driveway, or the front door.

The rule of thumb with installing security lighting is that the area illuminated should be visible by other people, so if someone was to do something suspicious, neighbours would be able to see. This can be an excellent deterrent for unwanted people.

Another guideline to follow is to put it in a high place – if it is easy to access, there is nothing to stop the unwanted people from unplugging the security lighting, rendering it useless.

There are security lighting options available on Bunnings, and they plug into the wall, but to get them installed in the right location, it is best to hire your local electrician to help install the security lighting.

I hope this guide has been helpful with clearing the air on what different words mean in lighting. If you are you are trying to find the correct lighting solution for you, call us at 0419 551 624 , or send us a message on Facebook 

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