Choosing An Air Conditioning System For Your Home

Townsville gets hot! The following web page will inform you on how to choose an aircon for your house or home. TropicAir Electrical supply, install, and clean a huge range of air conditioning systems throughout Townsville. 

How to choose the correct Air Conditioner for your home in Townsville

I’m regularly asked, ‘which aircon should I buy for my home?’ Purchasing and installing the right air conditioning system can save you money and minimise noise. There is also a cashback scheme from the Queensland Government – PeakSmart – which can save you further money. 

Air Conditioning the whole house or just a room?

When purchasing an air conditioner, you must consider whether its a single room you’re wanting cooled, or the whole house. Buying an undersized aircon unit will cost you more money in the long run, thanks to ongoing maintenance and motor burnout.

It’s important to consider an appropriate location for the condenser/outdoor unit as they can be noisy. Installing a split system air conditioner gives you some flexibility for where you can mount the outside unit.

So how do you know what size unit to install? We recommend giving us a call for an obligation free quote. But if you wanted to work it out roughly, see the general guide below.

Save time, ask an expert…

Considerations before purchasing household air conditioning system

Residents of Townsville know how warm it is year round. There are steps to make sure you get the most out of your future air conditioning system. Here are a few passive design principles:

  • Select a light colour for your roof and external walls.
  • Make sure your home is insulated.
  • Assure room doors close and have minimal air gaps.
  • Tinted windows in the home.

These above items aren’t necessary, but they can improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system

Guide for what size air conditioning system suits your Townsville home

The following is a general guide only. There are many factors to consider, like, insulation, type of walls, which direction the windows are facing, and how many windows the bedroom has.

First, consider the size of your room/s. To get the meters square (m²) size, multiply length x width.


4m x 4m = 16m²

The following guide assumes a ceiling under 2.7m

If your ceiling height is under 2.7 meters, you multiply your room in m² by 160 watts thus:

16m² x 160watts =  2560watts or 2.56kw system

If the ceiling is closer to 2.4m then a 2.5kw system will suit this room. Because you can multiply a 2.4m height by 150watts instead. Therefore 16m²*150watts = 2400watts or 2.4kw

For a more accurate calculation contact TropicAir Electrical.

Read the label on split system air conditioning systems

All residential air conditioning systems sold in Queensland (under 12kw) have a Sound Power Level (Lw) measured in decibels (Db). They also carry an energy rating in stars. New air conditioners can be rated up to 10 stars for cooling.

When comparing star ratings, you must compare air conditioners of the same or similar size. Older labels versus the newer – Zoned Energy Rating – labels will also vary.

TropicAir Electrical supply and install a wide range of air conditioning systems for your house. Get in touch today for a free quote.

PeakSmart air conditioning in Townsville

PeakSmart currently applies to 4kw and above aircon systems. For a system less than 10Kw you can get $200 and for more than 10kw $400. Check with us for which split systems qualify.

How does PeakSmart work?

When the power network is under stress, it will automatically drop your air conditioner into economy mode – resulting in it drawing less power from the grid. Thanks to Queensland’s robust power network, this may occur once or twice a year. For further information give us a call or visit energex website.

If you have some existing air conditioning systems that aren’t running as they should, TropicAir Electrical provide Air conditioning cleaning for Townsville and surrounds. As well as aircon supply and installation.

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