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100% satisfaction guaranteed. TropicAir Electrical are experts at killing all viruses and bacteria from your aircon. Professional 3 step cleaning process. HUGE DISCOUNTS FOR MULTIPLE! 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Single Unit $109.
*$89 for this month only! 

Professional Air-Conditioning Cleaning

TropicAir Electrical provide an air conditioning cleaning and maintenance service to Townsville. Our aircon cleaning uses industry-leading products to kill 99.99% of germs, bacteria and viruses while improving your system’s efficiency. TropicAir Electrical’s aircon cleaning professionally flushes your split systems in a 3 step cleaning process.

Be careful using unlicensed electrical contractors, who often cut costs by using incorrect chemicals. Such chemicals will prematurely degrade your air conditioning components and leave your aircon with the germs and bacteria that build over time.    

Aircon Cleaning Cost

Professional split air conditioning cleaning takes around 20 minutes per unit. We use a full housing while cleaning your aircon to assure all mold and residue remains off your walls and carpet. TropicAir Electrical hydro service costs $109 for a single air conditioner. For multiple air conditioning units its just $89, give us a call to book today!  

Professional aircon cleaning costs can vary depending on whether you use an accredited electrician. It also depends on the chemicals used. TropicAir Electrical provides high-quality aircon cleaning for Townsville, as a fully licenced electrician.   

How To Clean A Split Air-Conditioner

Cleaning mold from split system air conditioning requires the correct chemicals to assure all mold and bacteria are removed. We use a biodegradable non-foaming cleaner (Triple-D) to clean coils. Followed by a cleaner/degreaser (Spray Nine) to kill bacteria and viruses that cling to split system air conditioning units. The final step is a condensate drain pan treatment. This three-step process if carried out half yearly, will stop allergies and keep your aircon running efficiently. Reverse cycle air conditioning cleaning has a similar 3 step process.    

TropicAir Electrical Aircon Cleaning Townsville

To book our aircon cleaning, simply fill out the form below, or give us a call now. Keep in mind, TropicAir Electrical supply and install air conditioners throughout Townsville. We clean reverse cycle, split systems and ducted air-conditioning.

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