Life of an Electrician in Townsville


Townsville electricians enjoy an often sweaty life. Thankfully this includes some fantastic scenery and an unmatchable work-life balance. Other times, it's extra hot, and the work-life balance goes out the window. This page will discuss some key considerations when choosing a Townsville electrician. If you want to skip the reading, get a free quote, call us or send us a Facebook message.

Electrician Price


Let's begin with the elephant in the room—electrician price. We've discussed how much a Townsville electrician costs, to summarise, from $60-$150+ per hour. Depending on several factors like whether their licensed, insured, and experienced. TropicAir Electrical charges $99 per hour but prefers to quote on a per-job basis.

Licenced Electrician


To carry out electrical work on homes and businesses, a business and individual operating in that business needs to be licenced. Having full qualifications is only the first thing a Townsville electrician should have. They should also be insured.

Insured Electrician

Insured electricians have cover for you and your home should there be any issues with their work. An interesting aside is, using unlicensed electricians can void any insurance your home has. So it's ultimately playing with fire.

Nitty Gritty of the building code


Another thing to look out for is an electricians familiarity with the building code. Good tradespeople will keep up to date on the latest building code. These little things can mean your electrical work will last longer and be safer.

Booking a Townsville Electrician

Using third-party platforms (TrueLocal,yellowpages, etc) to contact or book jobs with Townsville electricians distributes their earnings. Whether it's through paying to advertise or commission on bookings, these platforms are great to assure the electrician you're booking with is reputable, but please call or message Townsville electrician's through their website or social accounts.

Townsville Electrician Jobs


The state and federal governments offer great incentives for Townsville electricians to employ local apprentices. If you're looking for a Townsville Electrician job, submit applications directly with the electricians you find online. Often a phone call directly to the Townsville electrician will allow you to determine whether they're looking for apprentices or qualified electricians. Be consistent and assure you're reliable.

Electrician Townsville


Another thing to look out for is an electricians familiarity with the building code. Good tradespeople will keep up to date on the latest building code. These little things can mean your electrical work will last longer and be safer.

Free smoke alarm audit

When you book us for a job this month, mention the code: "SMOKE" at time of booking. to receive a FREE smoke alarm compliance certificate QLD.

Frequently Asked Questions


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How do I choose An electrician in Townsville

Read the above webpage. Make sure you check they're licenced and insured. There are plenty of Electrician's in Townsville, so ask friends and family who they use. Or simply pick TropicAir Electrical, we're reliable and have a 100% workman ship guarantee.

What is the difference between an electrical contractor and an electrician?

It’s fairly simple, an electrician is a qualified trades-person who works as an electrical worker. An electrical contractor on the other hand is a trained individual who works as a business and holds required insurances and registrations to contract electrical work.

Who owns TropicAir electrical and are they an electrician in townsville? 

Justin Mundy is the owner, operator of TropicAir Electrical. He has over 26 years experience and has earnt a great reputation online and face-to-face. Don't hesitate to contact him directly.

can you install Air conditioning? 

We're experts in air conditioning installation throughout Townsville. TropicAir Electrical have a 100% workmanship guarantee. We also offer a very affordable aircon cleaning service.

The best Townsville Electrician?

Great question! We pride ourselves on cleaning up after every job, being reliable and providing straight forward services without any surprises. TropicAir Electrical is a Townsville owned and operated family business.

How much does an electrical contractor cost?

Generally, electrical contractors can cost from $60 to $170 in Townsville. If you're hiring an electrical contractor that costs $60 per hour, expect them to have no insurance or qualifications. TropicAir Electrical contract at a fixed $99 per hour fee (excluding afterhours). We're fully insured and licensed and provide comprehensive quotes for free.

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