A quick guide on how to clean a split air conditioner. Including its filters and outside box.

Because TropicAir Electrical supply, install and clean all modern aircon, I thought I would provide an overview of how I carry out the clean and why you want to clean your aircon systems.

Business and household air conditioners come in multiple forms:

  • Ducted air conditioning,
  • Box air conditioning,
  • split system air conditioning,

Each of these has a slightly different cleaning process.  In this guide, I’ll focus on split-system air conditioning cleaning.


Steps To Cleaning A Split System Air Conditioner


  1. Assure you turned the power supply OFF. Even with the power off, it’s a good idea to avoid any electrical components when cleaning. This is why we suggest getting a licensed electrician in whenever cleaning or playing with any electrical items.
  1. Get ahold of your air conditioners manufacturers user manual – use it to help you complete the following steps.

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  1. Assess the outdoor unit (the condenser) of your split system air conditioner. Clear any debris that may be lingering around the unit and give it a quick clean.


  1. On the inside unit, clean dust, and particles off the filter with a vacuum cleaner or by washing it with warm soapy water in your laundry sink. Depending on your manufacturer, you will want to replace it with a new one. Make sure it’s completely dry before replacing it.
  1. Clean the condenser and evaporator coils behind the filter. This process is difficult to complete correctly and you will need a few items. Be cautious of using incorrect chemicals – for longevity of your aircon.
    Aircon wash bag and bucket
    – Biodegradable non-foaming coil cleaner (I use Triple-D)
    – Cleaner degreaser (I use Spray Nine)
  1. Finally, you’ll find the drain on your split system often clogs and prevents your air conditioner from reducing humidity. To solve this, we use condensate drain pan treatment.

Why clean?

It’s recommended by top brands to clean your aircon a minimum of every 6 months:

  • It keeps your system running at top energy efficiency.
  • It’s necessary to kill the bacteria and viruses that build up over time on the filters, coils, and fins,
  • Maintaining an air conditioner will extend its life.

If all of this seems like a bit too much effort, get the professionals in to clean your air conditioning units at a very affordable price.

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