Flood Safety

Electrical Safety Inspection

This is a brief post for those unfortunate with the recent flooding. It provides some information about the inevitable flood repairs. Specifically relating to electrical appliances and getting your power back on.

Ergon Energy provides general advice for those in the flood zone:

  • Don’t use switches or electrical appliances that are wet.
  • Don’t use any electrical equipment if you are standing in water.
  • Get ALL electrical appliances and wiring checked by a licensed electrician before use.
  • Unplug all electrical appliances that have been affected by water.

As the water is receding, get a licensed electrical contractor to perform the electrical safety inspection.

They may need to isolate parts of your electrical installation so you can get your power back on.

It’s important not to assume water-damaged electrical equipment can be dried, cleaned and reused. The flood waters are likely to have contaminants like sea water and chemicals, which can pose a risk for your electrical appliances and wiring. The contaminants can eat away at appliances over time, so can carry an electrical and fire risk into the future. This is why you should get a licensed professional to look at everything.

During an electrical safety inspection, the licensed electrician will test all appliances and wiring. This includes:

– hot water systems

– air conditioning units

– inspection of solar wiring and isolators

– circuit panels and circuit breakers

– fuse boxes and fuses

– sub boards

– switches

– lights

They will then provide suggestions and action steps for what needs replacing.

Queensland Government has further information about electrical flood safety. Or feel free to message TropicAir Electrical on Facebook if you have any questions or would like us to perform your electrical safety inspection.

Alternatively, you can call Justin on 0419 551 624 to book one in today.

TropicAir Electrical is a fully licensed and insured family-owned business.

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