Imagine if all the devices in your home could connect to the internet. From security systems and lightbulbs to fridges and thermostats, how much easier would your life be? Smart home devices let you do things such as turn on lights, control your speakers and lock your doors remotely, among other things, all with a simple voice command or the touch of a button. 


Setting up a smart home is more simple than ever. From creating an interconnected network of smart devices to picking one or two of your favourites, the extent to which you invest in your smart home is completely up to you.


With the number of smart home brands constantly growing, there are many options, so before you stock up your cart with all the latest gadgets, make sure they’re compatible with each other and any existing devices, including your smart-phone and tablet. Below we provide a list of 7 smart home gadgets to make your life easier, and why they’re the best.

1. Google Nest Hub

What better way to start this list than a hub to control all of your smart home devices from. Walking through recipes, controlling the lighting, checking the weather or seeing who’s at the front door, the Google Nest Hub lets you manage your connected smart devices in an easy seamless way. It’s compatible with different apps, speakers and security systems including YouTube and Spotify, Philips Hue, Arlo and smart plugs.

2. Brilliant Control 

This wall switch uses WiFi to connect to and control various smart home devices around your house. It lets you play music, control your thermostat and lights and even unlock your front door with the touch of a button or voice command. Perfect for someone wanting a simple, easy-to-access control without having to find a place to put bulky hubs or deal with wires.

3. Philips Hue Smart Light Bulbs

Would a smart home innovation list be complete without Philips Hue light bulbs? One of the first things to do when deciding to make your home smart is to change out the light bulbs. Philips Hue has a huge range of smart light bulbs from flood lights, light strips and fixtures to standard A19 bulbs and a range of outdoor lighting. You can then control your lights from a range of different control systems including the two mentioned above. You can also synchronise your lights to flash and change colour with music and movies on your computer.

4. ConnectSense Smart Outlet 2

If you are wanting to add some smart home appliances, or control and monitor power usage in your home, this is the outlet for you. You can pair it with a smart home app such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa and control things such as lamps, fans, coffee machines and your TV with the power of your voice.

5. Arlo Ultra

For smart home security, Arlo Ultra is an incredible outdoor camera with 4k video quality, night vision, panoramic view and motion detection and tracking. Connected to your Google Nest Hub or smart-phone, you can check in on your home any time of day no matter where you are. For top notch home security, indoor or outdoor, Arlo Ultra will have you covered.

6. August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

Compatible with Google Nest Hub, or controlled from your smart-phone, this smart lock attaches to the deadbolt inside your door and allows you to lock and unlock your door from anywhere at anytime. The auto-unlock feature also recognizes when you arrive home and unlocks the door as you approach. Convenient and secure, this smart home device allows you to control your locks from your hub or phone at the touch of a button.

7. Nest Learning Thermostat

This final device allows you to control the temperature of your home from your phone, tablet or Google Nest Hub. This smart device is also a great way to save energy as it automatically adjusts the temperature when you’re gone and allows you to remotely turn off your water heater when you’re away. For a smart and simple way to control your home temperature from anywhere, this thermostat is a great addition to any smart home.

With so many brands and devices out there, creating a smarter home for your ease, convenience and security is becoming easier than ever. These smart home devices will make your life a whole lot easier and help beam you into the new year. 

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