Townsville Air Conditioning Considerations

It’s clear Townsville is Hot. Every year the tropical climate keeps our homes and business at a warm temperature. Air conditioning in Townsville is a must, so let me answer some key questions.

We’ll cover:

  • Air conditioning installation
  • The best brand of air conditioning for Townsville
  • Air conditioning installation Townsville cost – what you can expect to pay

Air conditioning installation

Installation of air conditioning in Townsville has a number of considerations. We’ll make the assumption you’ll be installing a split-system air conditioner to an existing home or business.

Firstly, the room size will decide what kilowatt air conditioner you’ll need. A 3 meter by 3 meter (3mx3m) room will suit a 2.5kw system, 5mx5m room will suit a 3.5kw system, 7.1kw system suits a 7mx7m room. I wrote a guide on air conditioning room size in 2019 to help you calculate what size air conditioner you need precisely, as the above is only an estimate. 

The second consideration for air conditioning installation is the location of the outside unit or compressor. A split system comes with two components, the internal unit or wall-mounted unit and the external unit or outdoor compressor. See air conditioning installation example below.


Above example: Air conditioning installation components 

Outdoor Compressor location

Outdoor compressors are much quieter than they used to be, however, you still need to think strategically about where to mount it. 

Back to back installations are the most affordable, but not always the best decision.   

Thirdly, wall-mounted units should be located to maximise airflow, especially due to the hot humid conditions in Townsville

Caution: You’ll need to engage a licensed electrician to perform the connection of a split system air conditioner to electricity. 

The best brand of air conditioning for Townsville

There are many brands of air conditioning out there. We recommend brands that have a 5 year+ warranty and 3+ star energy consumption rating. Below is a list of our recommended brands.

  1. Fujitsu air conditioning systems
  2. Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning
  3. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioning
  4. Panasonic air conditioner
  5. Daikin air conditioner
  6. Haier air conditioner
  7. Kelvinator air conditioner

Fujitsu Air Conditioner

Currently, Fujitsu air conditioning is offering cashback for every unit purchased. This means we can offer Townsville residents a 2.5kw system for $680* where you will ultimately get $100 cashback. 

*conditions apply, accurate as of June 2020. Get in touch today to find out what awesome deals we have available.

Did you know?

TropicAir Electrical can purchase air conditioning split systems and ducted systems for Townsville residence. Our prices are consistently better than purchasing from retail outlets. 

Should I buy an air conditioner and then find an electrician to install it? 

This is certainly one way to cool your Townsville home. Although, TropicAir Electrical is able to supply and install your air conditioner. Our supply prices are wholesale, which will save you money. Not to mention the hassle of transportation. 

Air conditioning installation cost 

The cost to install an air conditioning split system or ducted system in your Townsville home or business has a number of variables to consider. 

The simplest installation – back to back, costs from $450 per unit. You may find the price cheaper, however, be cautious of uninsured and unqualified electricians. 

Air conditioning installation costs can increase based on the placement and distance of the compressor from the wall-mounted unit. 

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today! We’re happy to help. 

Townsville Air Conditioning Conclusion

Hopefully, we’ve answered some of your questions relating to air conditioning in Townsville. Our air conditioning installation service includes a complimentary air conditioning cleaning after 6 months. Stay cool Townsville!

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